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Non-Insertion Acupuncture; gentle, painless, effective


This form of Japanese style acupuncture, called Toyo Hari,was developed by the blind doctors, especially for pediatrics, but as the years passed, and the acknowledgement of how clinically effective this form of acupuncture developed into, they started incorporating this with adult patients, and were amazed from it positive results. Forty years later, this form of acupuncture is practiced in many locations in the America’s, Europe, and Japan. The doctor's had been working on this particular style for forty five years, utilizing the ancient text that are four thousand years old, to bring the body back into dynamic health. An eight month, post graduate training program was required to transfer this information, and with incorporating this with my clinical experience, it has produced outstanding results, things that could not have been expected, were cleared up or relieved, when it had been said nothing can be done about these particular problems. The initial idea that I had was to incorporate this into the medical practice, for pediatrics, and for people that have had negative experiences with needles, or were just needle shy., although this style far surpassed all expectations, and with the gift of my high sensitivity has given me the ability to excel in treating the cause of the problem, rather than just masking it, or working the symptom, which will return if the under lying cause is not addressed.


Toyohari (which translates from the Japanese as “East Asian Needle Therapy”) is a refinement of the 2,000 year old tradition of meridian-focused acupuncture, and is derived directly from classical East Asian medical theory.

Many interpretations and approaches to acupuncture have been derived from the early Chinese texts, among them “Meridian Therapy” which is an approach which focuses particularly on the Five Phase theories originally outlined in the Nanjing. The Toyohari Association has diligently reviewed this approach in the light of modern clinical experience, modern illness, and in the context of the realities of the times in which we live, creating its own vibrant living tradition from these ancient texts.


The needles do not enter the body, with this style.


A highly advanced style, distinctly characterized by its delicacy and gentle techniques, produces outstanding results. The reasons for this are that the points selected are the most energetically active points on the body, which treats the   underlying cause of the body’s disharmony, or imbalance, then treating the symptoms to relieve the patient of the pain experiencing, the cold of flu symptoms, or associations with the     imbalanced hormone cycle. This is such a far reaching treatment modiality; it is safe to say that if you have a health concern we have a solution.


The Needle Differences


The needles used with this form are a very specialized group of needles; the primary ones are only available in or from Japan. There are similar ones, but not with the needle specifications, to achieve the results designed, when working with the most alive point on each particular channel. The other needles and   treatment tools designed for this treatment are also very specific in size and shape, and the   materials that are used for these other tools are made of silver, gold, and platinum.




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