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What can Oriental Medicine do for you and your family?


This is a very large area, if great health and vitality is what you want, or if it is to be relieved of your pain or illness, without being afflicted by side effects, than this form of medicine is for you, because it is an effective, non evasive  treatment that has no side effects, and has been treating people for over 3500 years, and presently two billion people world wide are being treated with this form of medicine.  Oriental medicine works on all different types of  disease and pathological conditions, including what would be considered as   physical, mental, or emotional problems.  Diverse types of illness from the common cold to low back pain, from a natural face lift to deep hormonal troubles, from varicose veins to migraines, there are not many forms or  conditions that this form of medicine  cannot address. You see, Oriental Medicine works on the whole body, the outward branch, which we know as the symptoms, and the root, or the bodies underlying imbalance that caused the symptom. This is what we refer to as bring the body back into balance, by treating the cause of the problem and also treating the outer manifestation of the illness or symptoms This is a whole health medicine, that empowers people to live fully without restrictions that are commonly seen in today's culture. At the center we also utilize the most effective forms of conventional medicine, to further our commitment to your health.


What can you expect from your treatments.


My experience has shown that many people have outstanding results with their first few treatments, while other have continued improvement from subsequent treatments. The key is that we are bringing the body back into balance, from the inter-relations of the internal organs, to how they respond to the outward functioning of the body, which in turn will bring you to optimum health, without the symptoms that interfere with your life.


What types of problems are treated with Oriental Medicine?


We treat many types of pathological conditions with this form of medicine, from a runny nose and a sniffle to severe arthritic pain. Here is a list that outlines some of the organ systems we treat, however this certainly does not address all of the conditions we treat, because what we treat is the body as a whole, if it has to do with the body we heal the sick & fix the broken; muscular/skeletal, stress related, genito-urinary, gynecological,  respiratory, stomach distress, intestinal, allergies, ear nose & throat conditions, skin diseases, addictions, pediatric, varicose veins, and natural acu-face lifts.


Herbal Formulas and Nutritional Supplements


Herbal Formulas are designed to treat your body in alleviating ailments and balancing the body with natural remedies instead of (or in addition to pharmaceuticals). All the herbal formulas ingredients have been tested to ensure their proper levels and toxin free. Each personalized recommendation on herbal formulas, diet, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle activities, will bring your health towards your desired out come.




where we heal the sick and fix the broken

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