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Acu-Face Lift - A natural reversal of the changing cycles


Imagine a natural way to remove ten to fifteen years off your appearance, that does not include surgery, or the injection of potentially harmful fluids into the body.


background - Facial acupuncture is a modern adaptation of an ancient art, of a revitalization of the appearance of the face, neck, and upper portion of the body. It is a painless non surgical method to remove the signs of aging, and to reverse the downward spiral of health. This being more than a cosmetic procedure, it is designed to push back the signs of   ageing, and give you a more youthful appearance, in addition to supporting your body to be healthier.


the treatment - Acupuncture face lifts involve insertion of fine facial needles, or can be administered with the non-insertion style, to specific points around the face, neck and a few body points. The  reasons for this is to stimulate, revitalize, and to balance the precise aspects of circulation of the body, with the addition of re-conditioning with specific nutrients.


How many treatments - It is required to receive the full effect from this particular treatment to receive ten to fifteen treatments, which will effectively remove wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin. The treatment usually lasts an hour, and it is recommended that the initial treatments be done two to three times a week.


How long will it last - As with surgical face-lifts it is impossible to make a general prediction, although with my experience I am always amazed at the results of these treatments, and the beauty of acupuncture is that booster treatments can be given from time to time or for special occasions, to help maintain a more youthful appearance. Some patients elect to have a booster treatment once or twice a month, while others have two every few months.


Who is a candidate for facial acupuncture - Anyone who is concerned with their appearance and looking younger, at any age is a good candidate for this type of treatment. This also assists in the reversal of the downward spiral of health and in relation to body functions.





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