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Acupuncture is one branch of Oriental Medicine


and Traditional Chinese  Medicine, along with Chinese herbs, nutrition, exercise, and massage. It uses thin needles to stimulate points along the acupuncture pathways, relieving the stagnation that underlies discomfort and disease and allowing the body to heal itself. Acupuncture is gentle, safe and appropriate for a wide range of conditions. 


Toyohari (which translates from the Japanese as “East Asian Needle Therapy”) is a refinement of the 2,000 year old tradition of meridian-focused acupuncture, and is derived directly from classical East Asian medical theory.


Many interpretations and approaches to acupuncture have been derived from the early Chinese texts, among them “Meridian Therapy” which is an approach which focuses particularly on the Five Phase theories originally outlined in the Nanjing. The Toyohari Association has diligently reviewed this approach in the light of modern clinical experience, modern illness, and in the context of the realities of the times in which we live, creating its own vibrant living tradition from these ancient texts. 




Where we heal the sick and fix the broken

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